Don’t Marry a Nurse

Great words……I found this floating around on FB today. Not sure who to credit; thanks to this anonymous writer.

Don’t marry a nurse. They sleep all day while you work and work all night while you sleep. Or, their 0500 alarm disturbs your sleep and then they come home too tired to cook dinner. Don’t marry a nurse. They walk in the door mentally exhausted and sometimes forget to even say hello. Don’t marry a nurse. They run out of patience and snap at the slightest question or demand. Don’t marry a nurse. They constantly complain about germs or assess people in public. It can be embarrassing. Don’t marry a nurse. Their stories are not dinner-at-your-moms appropriate. Don’t marry a nurse. Your complaints of a sore throat will hardly be heard. Don’t marry a nurse. They spend so much of their energy on their patients that they have nothing left to give to you when their shift ends. Don’t marry a nurse. They don’t make you a priority when they agree to work on their off days. Don’t marry a nurse. They’re so emotionally unstable that sometimes they come home and just cry for no reason. Don’t marry a nurse. They are constantly in crisis about where their life is going. Don’t marry a nurse.

Marry a nurse. They are brave enough to take on any challenge. Marry a nurse. They get up every day to put others first. Marry a nurse. They have the best gut instincts to know when something is wrong. Marry a nurse. They have felt with depths of their hearts unknown to most people. Marry a nurse. They’re always ready to help someone in need. Marry a nurse. They see things that others don’t. Marry a nurse. They give their all and utilize every talent they have. Marry a nurse. They know what it means to sacrifice. Marry a nurse. They were brave enough to embrace a duty that never sleeps. Marry a nurse. They have learned to adjust without complaining. Marry a nurse. They are strong enough to hold back tears until they are alone. Marry a nurse. They never settle for less than they are capable of. Marry a nurse. They succeed in times of unknown. Marry a nurse. They know the value of life. Marry a nurse. They are the best comforters. Marry a nurse. They know time is precious. Marry a nurse. Those quiet moments truly are sacred. Marry a nurse. Because if you have the chance to marry a nurse, that means they are trusting you to help them carry a beautiful burden that you will never understand. Marry a nurse.

Limerick from my Hubby


My hubby – such a way with words.  It’s kinda a gift. The following came through on my phone today while I was teaching a group of new NICU nurse orientees.  I was able to share this one with them (usually his limericks are x-rated)!! 

Nurses they have a desire,

to help people whose straits are so dire.

Bring them to good health, 

no matter their wealth,

It’s something we all should admire.

The Why

Yesterday I cared for a frail, elderly gentleman in the PACU.   It was obvious to me he was in his last days. He had just had his feeding tube replaced. As he woke up and started to talk with me.  Weak, unable to eat normally due to advancing cancer, in pain, and breathing with difficulty, he told me of his fears that he wouldn’t be able to make it through this latest hurdle. He confided in me a memory of the last conversation he had had with his own grandmother on her death bed.  His grandmother had been proud of the young man he was becoming.  He told me he wasn’t ready yet to give up fighting.  We talked about how we all do the best we can in tough situations.  At the end of his short stay in our PACU, I thanked him for sharing his story with me. We squeezed hands, he looked me in the eye, glanced down to my RN name badge and back up to my eyes. I gave him a smile and sent him on his way. I don’t believe I will see him again.
Life is a gift.
We don’t get a reset button.
Love and believe.